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About Us

Who are we?

Gnocchi’s Den is a Vancouver based company created by Winnie, with the help of Gnocchi the Chihuahua. Gnocchi is our CEO, while Winnie is just… um… the minion. We’d like to think we’re a superhero duo though.


What do we do?

Gnocchi’s Den offers your urban canine friends (ok and feline friends as well) apparel that is affordable and well-made. On top of that, we also donate $5 to either BC Chihuahua Rescue or Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) for every piece of apparel that we sell.

Look good, feel good AND donate to a good cause? Yep that’s definitely our motto :)


Who is BC Chihuahua Rescue?

BC Chihuahua Rescue is a Canadian charitable organization (non-profit) rescuing Chihuahuas in British Columbia, Canada. The BCCR was established in 2001 and was formerly known as the West Coast Chihuahua Rescue.
BCCR takes Chihuahuas that are no longer wanted or can no longer be cared for and finds them loving, safe, forever homes. Their main focus are dogs is BC, but they will help a dog from anywhere.
You can learn more about BC Chihuahua Rescue [HERE]


Who is RAPS?

Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a registered charity that operates two no-kill shelters in Richmond, British Columbia. One of the shelters is the largest cat sanctuary in North America and the other serves as the animal shelter for City of Richmond. The Cat Sanctuary is maintained by around 100 dedicated volunteers and is funded primarily by private donations and through the earnings of the RAPS Thrift Store.
You can learn more about RAPS [HERE]


Why do we support BC Chihuahua Rescue and RAPS?

Believe it or not, our very handsome CEO Gnocchi is a rescue. He was abandoned at 6 months old because he has liver disease. Thanks to BC Chihuahua Rescue and RAPS, he was given a second chance to enjoy his life being a very loved (well, spoiled really) Chihuahua. His feline siblings were also adopted from RAPS, and so we would love to give back to these two amazing organizations.