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Gnocchi's Quest Episode #2

Dog Friendly Store Dog Friendly Vancouver

Gnocchi's Quest - Episode #2

Marshalls / Winners
Multiple Locations

I don't know about you, but mommy and I like to go shopping together. Although I do not go through my toys quickly, I still like to add to my plushie collection often. And so, mommy tries to find bargains.

Marshalls and Winners stores usually carry a good variety of goodies for pets. They have a good selection of nice beds, plushies and even treats! 

Most locations that have their own entrances welcome well behaved dogs on leash, but I would only rate them small/medium sized friendly (unless someone can confirm otherwise?) - we have never seen a large breed dog in there, so we are not sure if the bigger guys can waltz in just like the smaller ones. The staff are always nice to me and my bff Mickey.


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