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A Day In The Life Of...... Gnocchi

A Day In The Life Of

Before becoming the CEO of Gnocchi's Den, Gnocchi was almost put on the death row by his previous guardian because he has liver disease. Thanks to BC Chihuahua Rescue and Richmond Animal Protection Society, he was given a second chance.

And now? Gnocchi is giving back some of the love so that more rescued dogs can find their fur-ever homes. Oh and no worries, his liver disease is under control by careful monitor of his diet!

Hello everyone! Gnocchi here! 
Many people ask me "So what is the life of a Chihuahua Executive Officer like?" and so I'm going to show you, in this first entry of the "A Day in the Life of" series of our blog!

Every morning during the week, momma takes me with her to her office (she has this thing called a day job where she sits at a desk all day typing on a computer or scribbling on paper). I do get my own desk space at her office, but sometimes I sit on momma's chair. It's really comfy and it reclines!!

So at the office, it's not just momma who is working hard. Most of the time, I brainstorm about new products for Gnocchi's Den and come up with new designs. Here, look at me hard at work with my scribble pad!! And I promise I'm not falling asleep.

Hmmmmm... what else do I do at the office... Well I visit momma's colleagues to make sure they are doing their jobs properly (definitely not only to get cuddles, they only give me cuddles as a bonus!) And sometimes I nap. I mean, didn't they say napping actually increases one's productivity? 

Although the office is dog friendly, I still cannot walk into a cafe to grab my lunch. So I bring my own. I like healthy treats like apple pieces (special thanks to my grandmama who prepared my snack pack today <3).

And in a blink, my work day is over! It's been a long day being hard at work so when I get home, I usually have my dinner and a bit of cuddles time with momma. And then it's off to bed time so that I will have enough energy for the next day.

Thanks for reading my blog! Until next time <3